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Mar. 9th, 2006

Arabs, US Ports and a President who just doesn't get it!

5 years without a VETO and our intellectually challenged president was going to VETO the bill that would squash his little back room deal. The man truly doesn't have a clue. And where was his butt boy Rove through all of this. I think Carl is asleep at the wheel. How did he not see the shit storm and PR nightmare this little deal was going to cause. The really scary thing is that this particular deal was exposed and for the most part it wasn't as bad as it could have been. What about all those back room deals that never saw the light of day until it was too late. The little amendments added on to bills in the middle of the night after the votes have all been counted. It's a goddamn disgrace. But no more than the lies that got us into IRAQ or the jobs that are being sent overseas by the thousands or the morally bankrupt administration that is distancing us further and further from the rest of the world.

The good news is that George W. Bush has secured for himself a place in history that can only be rivaled by Ulysses S. Grant and Huey Long. Keeping in mind I am loath to lump Sam Grant and Huey Long into such dubious company, even if their administrations were not quite on the up and up.

W promised to bring integrity back to the White House. All I can say is his definition of integrity varies greatly from mine, or Websters for that matter.

1 : firm adherence to a code of especially moral or artistic values : INCORRUPTIBILITY.

Nope, not only does he not understand what the word means and I am pretty sure he can't even spell it, but I know for damn sure he didn't bring any of it into the White House.
Gee, how does everything this guy has done in the last 5 years compare with a guy who got a hummer from a rather ugly intern. Call it what you want, but I'd take Bill and his girls over George and his lies and corruption any day of the week.

Feb. 8th, 2006

East vs West ... They really don't get it.

I understand that the President of Iran is calling for a "Holocaust Cartoon Contest" in the hopes of proving that the West has a double standard when it comes to freedom of speech. Well this mental midget has highlighted once more the tenuous grasp he has on the reality of the "West". First of all, there are tons of Anti-Semites out there who would jump at the chance to doodle a little "Auschwitz Antics" or "Treblinka Frolics". That's a no brainer. What he doesn't understand is that (at least in America) we are going through a major test of freedom of speech right now (those of you who have been reading my blog know this) and for now, the right is winning.

For now ...

Certainly (at least as far as the jerk off in Iran is concerned) the West is going to show how tolerant they are and allow the contest to proceed (they will condemn it in a dignified manner) and then underscore how nobody was killed over it, no embassies were evacuated because of it and most of all how the Middle Eastern followers of Allah, just don't understand us.
This may be true.
But they don't have to understand us. In fact, they never will. You can not reason with extremist fundamentalists. There is no compromise with someone who is in a rush to meet Allah and who wants to take you with him. Bush and his cronies didn't understand that 3 years ago and they still don't undertstand that now. So when they removed the evil "Saddam" from power (a secular cruel dictator, but not a fundamentalist wacko) they succeeded in replacing him with fundamentalists all over the Middle East. Do you think it's an accident that Hamas won the election in Palestine? Would they have won if the US hadn't taken up a course of unilateral pissing off the rest of the globe? I don't know.
We will never know.
The real question is, who doesn't understand who?
I think they understand us as much as they need to. It's the West that needs to do it's homework.

Of course, if we had a president who picked up a newspaper once in while ....

Feb. 3rd, 2006


3 Episodes and they caved. "The Book of Daniel" is no more.
NBC should change their name to the "Jellyfish Channel". What happened to freedom of speech? What happened to creative freedom? I'll tell you what happened. These are just words that mean nothing unless the bible thumping, witch burning, gay bashing, jew hating, liberal loathing white rednecks all over this country say it doesn't offend them. Well you know what?
Yes I liked "The Book of Daniel". I thought it was a well written, intelligent and thought provoking show. Clearly these are all things that the the religious right doesn't like or understand. These people are so frightened of ideas not there own that they must shout all other thoughts down. So we burn witches, beat up homosexauls, burn down synagogues and keep women from voting or working. It definitely explains how President Pin head got elected (well stole) a second election.

Fear of new ideas is an epidemic below the mason dixon line as well as the "fly over states". READ A BOOK YOU MORONS (besides the bible). Oh I forgot, you have burned anything worth reading.

These are the same mental midgets who believe that "Intelligent Design" is a scientific theory. Well they do have a handful of Scientists who back that up. Of course they are good christians also so they will go directly to hell if they dissent.

You fuckers have co-opted my country and I am getting tired of it. Your time is coming. Your president has screwed up this country and world for the last 5 years and the backlash that is coming is going to suck the black velvet Jesus paintings right off your walls like an Atlantic City Hooker at closing time. You're not Americans. You're biggots, racists, homophobes, neophobes and any other phobe I can think of. Fear is way of life for you. Fear of strangers, fear of change fear of things you don't understand (which is just about everyhthing that has happened after 1776.) This country wasn't made for you. You just think it is. It's easy for our dim-witted president to shut out the rest of the world, but the world is watching, The USA has become a laughing stock in the international community and I am tired of it.

And NBC, I am finished with you also. You should all be ashamed of yourselves. ASHAMED. Ask yourself why people with intelligence watch more pay TV than Network. I am sure you will just fill the void with another reality show. Perhaps the religious right would approve of Jesus TV. ALL JESUS, All the Time.

NBC = National Bitch (of the Religious Right) Company.

Feb. 2nd, 2006

Mohammad and the Funny Papers

So now we are supposed to cow tow to the muslim world because they are offended by a comic strip? Are you fucking kidding me? It's enough. If they don't want to live in a modern wolrd, that is fine. If they want to keep their women in the beekeeper suits, barefoot, stupid and pregnant, that is fine also. But protesting a cartoon with threats of violence kind of waters down their other protestations. The rest of the world can say anything they want about allah, mohammad, jesus, ra, yaweh, john smith and the bogwan rajnish if they feel like it. If these morons weren't sitting on 3/4's of the worlds oil supply, they would have been bombed into oblivion a hundred years ago. If I could, I would repost that comic all over the web and keep running it for a year. And any newspaper editor that caves and fires anyone over this should be ashamed of themselves and has no right calling themselves serious news people. Have some balls, and stand up to these terrorists. It's enough already.

Feb. 1st, 2006


As I am fed up with Blogger and the nonsense and poor service, I thought I would try Live Journal. So, if you aren't sick of my ranting yet, this is where you will find me from now on.

I have moved over my more interesting archived posts from Blogger as I won't be going back there anymore. (I didn't fill in the holes in the walls from my poster pins and picture frames either).

Jan. 18th, 2006


Tonight for the first time I watched “American Idol”. I have avoided it (and the rest of the reality TV universe) with extreme prejudice for quite some time. Unfortunately tonight was a perfect storm. There was very little else on the tube (see the March 14th blog on Network TV) and I needed to get some writing done so I left Fox on after Seinfeld ended. So on comes “Idol America” excuse me, I mean “American Idol”. I couldn’t be bothered to turn the channel so I let it play.

I have one question and one question only.

Do these people have no shame?
Clearly the answer is no,

Now I am not comparing them to the Jerry Springer crowd (though there is clearly some cross over). These people are worse than horrible. I hade to mute the TV for a number of these freaks. It’s one thing to get up at a Karaoke bar when you are polluted on margaritas and belt out “Lady Marmaleide” but it is something completely different to do it on National TV and then get angry when Simon tell you that you sing like crap and should get out of the business.

Everybody rags on Simon for being a prick, well you know what? The man is right on the money. These people suck and the music business just like the film business doesn’t cut anyone slack. He is just doing what any record company A&R exec would do. He’s just doing it on TV.

The funny thing is, the worse these people are, the more outraged they are when they don’t’ make the cut. They blame the judges. “The judges don’t know what they are talking about.” “The judges don’t know talent when they see it.” The trouble is they are not seeing it. There was one freak on tonight who was so sure he was going to win the whole thing that when he came in to sing he boasted how he can sing on 3 different levels. He was so bad you couldn’t even say he sang poorly, because that would do an injustice to people who sing poorly. They actually gave him a second chance (which I didn’t understand, other than it made for good TV) and when he came back he actually sang the bawdy Frat song from “Trading Places” of course none of the judges knew that (it just shows how poorly they are schooled on pop culture) and he did it so poorly that it was embarrassing. When he walked out of the room the second time he still didn’t get the fact that he really should never be allowed to sing anywhere at anytime ever again.

My assumption is that at the end of this blight on Network TV they actually pick somebody who has what the marshmallow fluff pop music industry is trying to shove down the public gullet. But at what cost? Thousands of people with no talent line up for days to audition for something they have no shot at getting and this is considered “Must See TV”. It’s almost more embarrassing for the folks who invest so much in this show and who they are going to “vote” for. All of these folks need to get a life.

Or a Karaoke machine….

Jan. 10th, 2006

The Book of Daniel ... At Least For Now....

Did anyone watch the inaugural episode of "The Book of Daniel"? Well I did.
I liked it. Really liked it. Which of course means it won't last five episodes.
And why won't it last five episodes you ask?
Well there are a number of reasons.
1. It is well written.
2. It has a great cast (really really top quality)
3. It is funny yet serious.
4. The humor is intelligent and requires a little effort.
5. It co-stars Jesus, an adulterous bishop and a vicodin popping priest who has a gay son, a dope dealing daughter, an alcoholic wife (who has a lesbian sister) and an over-sexed adopted son of Asian descent.

All the makings for a TV show with a conservative bullseye on it's back. There hasn't been a show with this kind of quality character development and risk taking story line since "Soap" (which by the way had the 1st primetime gay character, faithfully portrayed by Billy Crystal).

This past Monday night I am sure there were conservative heads exploding all over this country.
I can hear them popping ...
At least for the next couple of weeks ....

Jan. 6th, 2006

And a happy New Year to All

I realize I have been away awhile and I am sure there is no one reading this blog anymore, but as I really only write for myself anyway I shall continue to waste people's time with my observations.

Observation #1: The New Year came very early this year ...

Observation #2: I really miss reruns of "The Odd Couple" "The Honeymooners" and "Hogans Heros".

Observation #3: After 5 days of MTA strike hubub on every TV channel, radio staion and newspaper during X-Mas week, it is now as if it never happened. Either New Yorkers have very short memories or are very forgiving (I would suggest the former). I myself am still pissed off and hope our less than useless Governer sticks by his guns and presses every person that walked off the job, the union leaders, and the union for the millions of dollars of fines levied by the courts.

Observation #4: Toilet training of a 3 year old girl is only enjoyable in that it is the only road to the end of diapers.

Observation #5: The film buisness still sucks, but I don't care, my last film is just about finished.

Observation #6: I am enjoying watching the current administration and the Republican party single handedly tear itself apart with no help from the spineless Democrats.

Observation #7: Even though I am no big fan of sub zero weather, NYC just isn't NYC when it is 54 degrees in January.

Observation #8: Coke Zero is addictive.

Observation #9: Being married for 9 years has been easier than I ever thought it could have been (clearly I chose the right person).

Observation #10: I hope 2006 is better than 2005 (and 2005 wasn't as bad as it could have been ....)

Oct. 11th, 2005

Can you wag it on a train? Can you wag it in the Rain?

No this dog will not wag George I am.
Terror level Red.
Oh MY….
Just life in NYC
Right ….

Does anyone find it at all interesting that the day that a couple of opinion poles come out (last Friday) showing Bush’s ratings dropping like pigeon crap on Lord Admiral Nelson’s head in Trafalgar Square, we mysteriously have a terror alert here in NYC? I mean come on guys.

Same old song and dance my friend.

Unfortunately, this time, the mayor of New York City, (a mayor I am not terribly fond of, but have to respect) took matters into his own hands and against the wishes of most of the Fed, released the information before the President’s cronies could make hay of the incident.


Instead of being the President who found out about an alleged terrorist plot ( I believe that’s what they are calling it now) and saving the day with quick “decisive” action on the part of the intelligence community he had to claim the threat as “unsubstantiated” because it was too late for him to be the hero. The dog was out of the bag so to speak. This was one dog who’s tail wasn’t going to wag. His timing however, is impeccable. He is getting slammed 9 ways from Sunday and he needed something to halt the hemorrhage of blood from his presidential femoral artery.

Starting with the amazing cock up that was the Katrina fiasco, including his college drinking buddy as the head of FEMA or the ex head of FEMA another close friend who was already lining up the construction contracts for the New Orleans rebuild.

Iraq, which has become (well it always was) Viet Nam without the lush vegetation and under brush. The death toll keeps rising and he has no clue as how to get us out of there.

His own right wing base wants his testes on a platter because he is considering putting a non-reactionary non right wing non ultra conservative woman on the bench of the highest court in the land. Of course the spineless Democrats finally can now just watch the Republicans implode over this one. The thing I love is that George had clearly searched the land. Hi and low. He has interviewed every federal justice now sitting or who ever sat on the bench, and through his infinite wisdom, he has concluded, that the finest possible candidate in all the land is …. His personal attorney. Good thing his lawyer isn’t H&R Block, he would have a real tough time picking one Block for the bench.

George has got his Johnson in a ringer and his only hope at deflecting some of this was to put some terror back in our lives. Well…

Georgie, I am here to tell you that most New Yorkers barely gave it a notice after Friday afternoon. You see, once you have seen the towers fall, you know when it’s real and when it’s just politics. You have been playing politics with us too long Georgie boy. Orange alert level right after the Democratic convention, that was ingenious. Rove definitley earned his pesos with that one. Our Mayor, while technically part of your party, doesn’t really like you and really has no use for politicians in general. Beleive it or not his first responsibility is to the people of NYC. So if you want use NYC for your own gain, next time you are really going to have drop something on us if you want our attention.

Don’t ask for whom the bells toll W, because their tolling for you. NYC will not be your play thing anymore.

Sep. 29th, 2005

I’m Bruce Wayne … From Bombay ... Really

OK, how many people have had phone calls recently from someone named Peter Parker or John Smith or Steve Jones or Bruce Banner but they sound surprisingly like the pimp from “Bachelor Party”? Oh and the call was from your bank? Possibly CHASE?

Well I got one from John Smith on Saturday and let me tell you, it pissed me off. I thought it was just me but I just got a phone call from a buddy of mine telling me he just got a call from (and I shit you not) Peter Parker but he sounded nothing like Tobey Maguire or Paul Soles (the voice of the 1967 Peter Parker/Spiderman cartoon), nope he sounded like Gandhi or Baboo Bot from “Seinfeld.

What are these people thinking?

I mean it’s bad enough that they are shipping every job that is not nailed down over seas but to have to get a call from my bank (actually credit card company) and have some guy in New Delhi trying to pass himself off as an American, well in the words of Yosemite Sam, That burns my biscuits. Don’t get me wrong I am no jingoist flag waver but I do resent having my intelligence insulted. Do they think that nobody will notice. I have known many people from India and Pakistan and let me tell you, not one of them has been named Fred Williamson or Marvin Rabinowitz.

So what’s the point? Why would a big corporation like CHASE allow this type of thing to go on within the ranks of their sales group?

Perhaps they think that a foreign name would put people off?

Hmm. Not more than hearing somebody who sounds like Apoo tell me their name is Robert Young.

So what is the reasoning behind such a blatantly stupid yet deliberate act of fraud.

Yes it’s fraud, there I said, you can too . FRAUD.

Sure if Sanjay Singh called me up to tell me about the new things that CHASE wants to sell me I would hang up on him also, but, and here’s the big difference, I wouldn’t abuse him first the way I abused John Smith. I told Mr. Smith that, actually it went something like this:

Me: Hello
JS: Hello Mr. ________ my name is John Smith and I am calling from CHASE BANK to tell you…
Me: Excuse me? What’s your name?
JS: John Smith and I am calling from CHASE BANK to (they always have to start their spiel all over from the beginning if you interrupt them)
Me: No you’re not. No way are you John Smith. You’re Sanjay Singh from Bombay
SJ: No I’m not, I am John Smith and I am calling from CHASE BANK
Me: Don’t give me that, you’re a telemarketer sitting in the black hole of Calcutta and you ain’t no godamn John Smith. Don’t call here anymore.

Then I hung up. Had he just said his real name I would have hung up on him right away without the added abuse. Granted I enjoy that kind of thing. But all the same, CHASE BANK is going to quickly lose my business because of stunts like that.

Just one more corporation under estimating the intelligence of the public.

Oh did I mention it was




I went to school with John Smith sir and I can tell you here and now that you are no JOHN SMITH!!!!

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